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Always Clean Energy

Absorb the sun’s rays for generating electricity.

Easy Installation

Enjoy the limitless power of solar technology at home.

Low Installation Costs

Save more than 20% on electricity bills.

Resilience & Durability

With solar panels, you will always have your own power.

Multiple Applications

Save the environment and secure energy for your home.

Renewable Energy

An energy source that can never be depleted.


InnoSolar PV and LED
product solutions tailored for
Australian families on and off
grid applications.

Australians have never been more aware of the importance of energy conservation. Our household energy costs continue to sky-rocket placing an unnecessary burden on Australian families and businesses. In addition, we are all beginning to better understand the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and potential effects to global warming.

It affects us all and it will continue to escalate. InnoSolar is a Joint Venture with one of the biggest manufacturers of solar products. The major focus of InnoSolar is “Free from the Sun” solar technologies. InnoSolar Australia Products by have been specified and designed by Australian engineers, however equally importantly, designed in close cooperation with our Australian and New Zealand customers.

InnoSolar Australia Products are designed specifically to combat household energy usage at affordable householder prices. All InnoSolar Australia Products are aesthetically pleasing, designed using only the highest quality components, manufactured for fast, fail-safe installation with industry best warranty and priced to be affordable to Australian Householders.

InnoSolar Australia Products are essentially DIY for competent persons and come with industry best warranties based on trouble-free operation in Australia in recent years. InnoSolar is committed to providing the Australian and New Zealand populations with an excellent product and affordable pricing. Further, InnoSolar will continue to develop new products as our solar market continues to mature.