Off-Grid Lighting and Power Generator

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InnoSolar Portable Home System includes solar charger, storage, discharge control and load use. It has low power consumption high efficiency, system security protection and multi-power-source output.
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The complete InnoSolar system is comprised of four parts: solar module, charge and discharge management module, battery and optional load.

Features include:

    • Solar charge battery
    • AC to DC battery charge.
    • Home Lighting (LED).
    • Charge computer, television, media, etc.
    • USB Booster.
    • Over-charge, overload, and short circuit protection.
    • Overcurrent protection is by a SA Fuse located on the faceplate of the battery compartment.


1PV Solar Collector (Polysilicon) Power Panel Dimensions (mm)18V - 15W 385 x 285 x 1718V - 30W 500 x 410 x 2018V - 50W 535 x 720 x 20
2Battery - High Efficiency Lead Acid12V 9AH12V 18AH12V 24AH
3Controller12V 3A12V 5A12V 10A
4Product Size (mm)198 x 97 x 145292 x 102 x 210300 x 180 x 240
5Weight (Gross Weight - KG)6.0012.80 18.20
6Charging Time (approx and average - hours)181818
7Working Time (hours)2 Pcs 3W DC LED - between 18-303 Pcs 3W DC LED - between 18-303 Pcs 3W DC LED - between 18-30
8Working Temperature-20C to 55C-20C to 55C-20C to 55C