PV LED Solar Skylights

solar led pv skylights
The InnoSolar Skylight cleverly harnesses energy from the sun and efficiently converts this energy for use with a high-performance long-life LED flush-mounted light.

The system is simple! A small PV panel located on your roof connected to a LED surface mounted light in your ceiling via the electrical plug-in cord provided and you have all year round free light to your house whenever the sun shines.

Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, ensuites, walk-in robes….the list is endless! Enjoy the energy savings of not switching on a light during daylight hours by installing DayLite. The benefits start immediately.

Features include:

    • Easy and quick Installation – DIY Installation for competent persons
    • No potential leaks, insects or transmitted heat in Summer months
    • Zero running costs – saves electricity
    • No connected mains power (except Model SP2018 with AC/DC connection)
    • Long-life LED Light
    • Low Voltage DC only so no electrician required
    • Tempered Glass PV Solar Collector
    • 9 metres of cable between the collector and LED light.


wdt_IDModelSizeLumensSuitable For
1SE2012300mm Round1200Laundry, Ensuite, Pantry
3SE2013300mm Square1200Laundry, Ensuite, Pantry
5SE2014300mm x 600mm2200Hallways and Entrance Foyers
7SE2016300mm Round2200Bedroom, Living Rooms, Bathrooms, Dining Room


3 simple steps to install your InnoSolar skylight (Note: Full installation Instructions are available on the downloads page. The instructions must be read carefully prior to installation).

    • No restrictions where light is located in the house, shed or garage.
    • No leaks in the roof, common in conventional sky-lights
    • 15W or 25W depending on room size

1. Assemble and secure your solar panel on the roof as per the Installation Instructions and drop down the 9 metres of cable in the roof cavity.

    • Solar Sky Light (no roof hole needed)

2. Cut a hole with a suitable plaster cutting implement using the template provided for you in the LED Light Box. The hole must be located away from roof timber or metal supports and care must be taken to ensure no electrical or data wiring is present in the cut-out area.

3. Simply plug the cable into the controller and then into the LED light. The LED light can then be fitted into the plaster ceiling cutout and the installation is complete. The light is flush mounted with the surface of the plasterboard ceiling.