What is the Innosolar SR4600  Solar Powered CCTV WiFi Camera

The Innosolar SR4600 Solar Powered CCTV WiFi Camera  uses the solar panel to harness power from the sun and requires no electric sources or cablings.

By utilizing solar power, you can get the best from natural resources to charge and run the solar-powered security camera systems, without subscription charges or monthly fees.

One of the TOP benefits, is that you can install a solar security camera anywhere you wish. In rainy or foggy days, the WiFi solar security cameras can still work as normal – sufficient sunlight is absolutely the best!

As more and more consumers, like you, resort to a “green” security solution, you may catch sight of our SR4600 Solar Powered CCTV WiFi Cameras scattering everywhere when you look up.

How Does the Innosolar SR4600 Solar Powered CCTV WiFi Camera Work

Solar-powered security cameras use high-grade solar panels to capture the sun’s rays and convert the sunlight into direct current (DC).

When the sunlight is not available, the wireless solar powered security cameras can still get power from the rechargeable batteries which stores excess electrical power generated by the solar panel cameras to achieve the best performance.

And since the Innosolar 4600 Solar Powered CCTV WiFi Camera comes with the IP65 weatherproof design, you don’t need to worry about them in rainy days.

Benefits of Innosolar SR4600 Solar Powered CCTV WiFi Camera

Now, let’s look into the advantages to see what you can expect:

  1. Solar CCTV Camera allows for flexible locations
  2. Easy to Install and Move if required – no wiring
  3. Environmentally Friendly & Cost Saving
  4. Can have more than one camera operating
  5. Added Bonus – comes with a 1000 Lumen Motion Sensor Solar Light (Sony INX323) Sensor
  6. Download the Free DEFENDER App and you can view in real time on your mobile phone, laptop, computer
  7. Full HD Live Stream or Rewind & Replay
  8. Wall or Post Mount – All Fastening Hardware Included
  9. Cloud Storage & Built in SD Card (SD Card Max 64GB)
  10. Detachable Solar Panel and 5 mtrs of Cable Provided
  11. IP65 Weatherproof for all Australian Conditions
  12. Colour Images Day and Night 1,080p H.264 Resolution with advanced motion detection
  13. 2 Year Limited Warranty


Your security needs shouldn’t compromise due to geographically challenging environments.

And that’s where the Innosolar SR4600 WiFi Solar CCTV Security Camera come in.

A solar-powered security camera can be used to monitor the off-grid places or remote areas where running cables would be impossible or overly expensive, such as construction sites, barns, farms, rural houses, campgrounds, carparks, retirement villages, marinas, your own home…. The list is endless!

The Innosolar SR4600 Solar Powered CCTV WiFi Camera Introductory Special  $350.00 + GST (freight not included)


Should you wish to place an order for  this Amazing Product.  Please email me your Purchase Order admin@innosolaraustralia.com.au


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