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Customers About Our Solar Products

In December 2020 the suburb of Ningi, north of Brisbane was hit by a severe storm including hail which resulted in partial destruction of many roofs, PV (Panel) systems and other roof top mounted fittings such as spinning vents.

The roof on our house was hail-damaged and the roof and other fittings will need to be replaced as a result. However, I can say that the Solar-Vent Solar Attic Fan clearly withstood the forces of this storm and continues to work well.

As a licenced tradesman, with experience we had through the hail storm, I can certainly recommend the Innosolar Australasia Solar Attic Fan for roofs subject to potentially severe weather events in coming months.

Roger – Ningi, Queensland

Wow I am blown away with them, they are fantastic. Great addition to our Park

Ararat, Victoria – Owner Matt & Kaylene Linsley

Our hallway used to be dark and gloomy so we had to put the light on during the day which costs money. Now we have a solar skylight it’s always bright and welcoming!

Solar Skylight Customer

Our family enjoys camping for three weeks every year and this year we trialed the Sunlover SK-15 Off-Grid Light and Power System in our caravan. By day the panel, located outside of the annex, charged the battery and by night, we enjoyed light from the 2 led lights that were sufficient to light our camping site. Rainy days without sunshine were no problem, the battery life was amazing!

Nicola, Brisbane, QLD

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Let Us Help You Save Money!